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Miniature Dance Collective

Miniature Dance Collective

Miniature dance group was founded by Banafsheh Amiri in Tehran. Since 2012, it has had several individual and collaborative performances for ladies in Iran. Miniature’s mission is to amplify the beauty of Persian Art and culture by the art of performance. It seeks to captivate the audience with original Persian motions, to teach and revive the Iranian heritage in our modern-contemporary era, blends with fascinating poetry and music art of Persia.

Miniature endeavours to give a deeper meaning of Iranian dance. These all result in multiple performances for ladies over the years.

(Ladies Only)Past Performance Highlights

(Ladies Only)Past Performance Highlights

    • 5-6 July 2018 – ‘Naghshe Jahan’, Niyavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
    • 1 March 2018 – ‘Miniature Norouz Event’, Fatimah Charity Association, Tehran, Iran
    • 21 Apr 2016 – ‘Sepehr-Miniature Performance’ Niyavaran Center,Tehran, Iran
    • 28 May 2015 – ‘Miniature Performance’, Niyavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
    • 6 March 2015 – ‘Women’s Day Celebration’,Ekbatan Community Center, Tehran, Iran
    • 26 March 2011 – ‘Rustam School’ – London, UK
    • 13 February 2009 – ‘Brighton International Student Celebration’- Brighton, UK
    • December 2007 – ‘Babylon Lounge Brighton’, Brighton, UK
    • 23 March 2007 – ‘Festa del capodanno iraniano, Norouz’, Bologna, Italy
    • 21 March 2007 – ‘Norouz Celebration’- Bologna, Italy
    • 18 February 2007 – ‘Persian poetry and music’ by Darioush Madani – Bologna, Italy
    • 1994 – 2004 –  Several Iranian dance performances for Ladies – Tehran, Iran

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Join Miniature Academy in celebrating friendship, affection and love on the name day feast of Iranian Events of epic poetry, traditional music and dance, persian food and …

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