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A calm and friendly space for ladies to learn, to create and perform the art of dance and performance. Delivering a positive atmosphere not only to improve their movement skills but also to make the students feel good about themselves through learning the art of performance.


Banafsheh’s Iranian Dance courses cover an extensive training of Persian footsteps, detailed hand movements, turn techniques and understanding the rhythm of classical, traditional and folkloric music of Iranian. Miniature-Classes also offer the students an opportunity to learn the vocabulary of her unique dance style, known as Shiveh-ye- Miniature.


Miniature Dance collective endeavours to give a deeper meaning of Iranian dance. These all result in multiple performances for ladies over the years.

About Persian Dance

Articles, Researches and references of Persian Dance. Click for more details.


Banafsheh Amiri is an Iranian dancer, choreographer, instructor, and dance educator. She is an MFA candidate in Dance at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, with her research focused on Iranian dance and choreography.

Over the past eighteen years, she has been dedicated to creating methodologies for developing Iranian dance, choreographically and pedagogically. Banafsheh’s lifelong Practice and investigation of Iranian dance has been impacted by her discovery of the complexity of Iranian traditional music. Having been trained since 2013, she became a vocalist in Radifhaye-Avazi (Iranian Traditional Modal Songs), dedicated to enriching the vocabulary of Iranian dance. To promote the new Iranian dance methodology, Banafsheh founded the Miniature Dance Academy and established the Miniature Dance Group in 2012, which educated and performed for women in Tehran, Iran until 2022. In addition to an extensive experience in Iranian classical, contemporary, and folkloric dances, she is an expert in Cuban-style Salsa. A multi-disciplinary artist, Banafsheh holds a BA in fine art from the Tehran Alzahra University in 2006 and an MFA in Interior Design from the University of Brighton in 2009.
Students enrol in a series of 4 week class programs. All Classes meet for 1 to 2 hours, up to 3 days per week.
Looking to learn to dance in a one-to-one setting? Our Private dance lessons in Miniature Academy can help you set and reach your goals effectively.

Banafsheh’s online classes offer students an opportunity to learn the vocabulary of her Iranian dance style, also known as Banafsheh - Miniature Dance Method.

Miniature: Delicacy, Femininity and dignity of Iranian Ladies


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Miniature: Delicacy, Femininity and dignity of Iranian Ladies

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